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3 PC QUAD LOCK - Specification

The Specification covers the Design, manufacture, testing at manufactures works and supplying, delivery of Tamper proof poly carbonate plastic seal for sealing electrical installations vlz: Meter body for energy meters. Terminal cover of energy meters and Metal Box, and for other accounting purpose. The size of the seal shall be 36.5 X 23 X 5 mm. these seals shall be used for LT/HT industrial Consumers and in theft prone areas.
1. Material of Plastic Seal :

The raw material used for polycarbonate plastic seals shall be of M/s Dow Caller Ltd. Switzerland (Grade 201-15) M/s GE Plastic, Singapore (Grade 143R), M/s Bayer plastic 2407 Grade (UV Stabilized) or any other equivalent manufacture having similar material properties as under.

Sr No. Item Polycarbonate
1  Melting temperature  2800 C to 2950 C
2  Use  Engineering
3  Softness  Hard
4  Durability  Weather Effect resistance (UV Resistance)
5  Transparency  Fully transparent (long time transparency)
2. Colour of Seal.

The seals body will be colorless, transparent (see through) Type, which shall give complete visualization of its fixing mechanism and shall show clear indication if tempered. Also seals Anchor and locking part can be available in different colour like ,Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange etc. for necessary area wise application colour coding, i.e. three different colour in same seal.
3. Special seven level of security features.
  1. Quadra locking mechanism first time in India.
  2. Neno text confidential coding on seals.
  3. Special two colour code (weather resistance) in same seals.
  4. Ultra violet numbering visible only by UV light torch.
  5. Itching type unique numbering on three position of seals.
  6. Special seven strand inox-304 sealing wire.
  7. Seals serial number has psychological effect (German technology)
4. Design and Construction of seal.

1.   Design :
The Seal will be Anchor type tamper evident with eight locking system as per drawing no. ESL-8 attached with the specification.

2.   Size of the seal :
The size of the female part body of the seal shall be as under :
  • Size 26.5 x 23 x 5 mm.
  • Size of the two hole of female part : The size of two hole shown in the drawing should be sufficient to insert seal wire, but in no case, more than 1.0mm+0.1mm.
  • Wall thickness should be 0.8 mm (No negative tolerance.)
3.   Serial No. of the seal :
Non repeat seven digits numeric Sr. Nos. on the seal shall be itching type in contrast colour and it is been provided on anchor flap, seals body and locking flap at the place mentioned in the r\drawing i.e. on the top of  anchor part and on the body on female part, ans well as on flap of the locking part.

4.   Monogram :

The seal have facility to embossed monogram of Company logo in 10 mm circle on front side and rear side on body of seal.

5.   Seal wire:

The non corrosive non magnetic stainless steel 304/326 Grade seven strand twisted of 0.1 mm each and over all diameter of wire is 0.7 mm shall be used.
The diameter of each individual strand wire shall be 0.1 mm (approx) and over all diameters of seal wire shall be 0.7mm + 0.05 mm, so that it can easily insert into the female portion where the diameter of the hole shall be 1.0mm + 0.1mm.



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