About Us


Patel Brothers started its operations in the year 2002. It was ably led by the very enterprising Mr. Atul Patel. The journey they embarked onto was relatively new as the markets were new, and the product much unexplored. There were challenges, but there was a professional touch to the solutions as well.

The company has developed good systems backed by efficient manpower. The organization is closely knit, guarding the security of the product exclusivity. This however, does not deter the growth of the company as it is fuelled by the enthusiasm for becoming big and rising to the occasion.

The company today stands tall with a good market share and growth, destined to be one of the forces to reckon with in the industry.

  • Become one of the most competent Security Seal Manufacturer that caters to a number of Security Needs.
  • Develop and Deliver commercially viable Tamper Proof Security seals that add to business profits.
  • To train and develop employees to be focused on the company goals.
  • Maintain and increase level of Security within the Manufacturing unit with close control on systems.
  • Course Duration: 3 Develop at least one new Security seal every six months.
  • Improve on the existing products through market analysis and customer study.
  • Train employees on a regular basis for the Job and attitude towards security within the organization


Mr. Atul N. Patel

Head : Marketing and Production 0 - 9825223750

Mr. Dinesh N. Patel

Head : Purchase and operations 0 - 09978934700