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LOCK SEALS - Specification

The Specification covers the Design, manufacture, testing at manufacturers works and supplying, delivery of tamper proof polycarbonate plastic seals for sealing electrical installations vlz: Meter body of energy meters. Terminal cover of energy meters and Metal Box, and for other accounting purpose. The size of the seal shall be 20 x16 x 3.5 mm +/- 0.5mm. These seals shall be used for LT/HT Industrial Consumers and in theft prone areas.
The Polycarbonate seals will be conformed to the following specification as under:

1. Material of Plastic Seal:
The raw material used for polycarbonate plastic seals shall be of M/s. Dow Caller Ltd. Switzerland (Grade 201-15) M/s. GE Plastic, Singapore (Grade 143R), M/S Bayer plastic (Grade 2407, U.V. Stabilize) or any other equivalent manufacturer having similar material properties as under:
Sr. No. Item Polycarbonate
1 Melting temperature 280o C to 295o C
2 Use Engineering
3 Softness Hard
4 Durability Weather Effect resistance
5 Transparency Fully transparent (long time transparency)
2. Colour of seal

The seals will be colorless, transparent (See through) Type, which shall give complete visualization of its fixing mechanism and shall show clear indication if tampered. Also seals can be available in different colour like Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange etc.
3. Design and Construction of seal

A. Design:
The Seal will be Anchor type tamper evident with double locking system as per drawing no. AP – 05 & 06 attached with the specification only.

B. Size of the Seal:
The size of the female part of the seal shall be as under:
  • Size: 20x 16 x 3.5 mm + 0.5 mm
  • Size of the hole of female part: The size of the hole shown in the drawing should be sufficient to insert seal wire, but in no case, more than 1.0 mm + 0.1 mm
  • Wall thickness should be 0.8 mm (No negative tolerance)
C. Serial No. of the Seal:
Non repeat One alpha and seven digits Sr. Nos. with code no. on the seal shall be laser printed/ and it is provided on female portion at the place mentioned in the drawing.

D. Monogram:
The seal have monogram of Company logo on front side with laser marking system.

E. Seal Wire
The non corrosive non magnetic as per is 304 stainless steel twisted 4 strand wire (0.23mm) shall be used as under. The seal wire shall not have affect of magnet. i.e. it should not attract to magnet.
  1. On seal open wire stainless steel twisted of 0.23mm. Of 250 mm (Or as per client requirement) length. The diameter of each individual strand wire shall be 0.23 mm (approx) and over all diameters of seal wire shall be 0.55mm + 0.05 mm, so that it can easily insert into the female portion where the diameter of the hole shall be 1.0mm + 0.1mm.

  2. The seal wire used for the above size of seals shall be in loose form .The application of the seal wire is to insert seal wire and through the hole via female part and insert the male part into female part by applying thumb pressures to lock the seal.
General Construction:
The seal shall be designed for a single use only and if Tempered with the help of puller, knife or any other sharp instruments, the seal shall be damaged and due to its see through property. The sign internal of tempering shall be easily detected. Also once opened, it cannot be re-used. The Seal shall be made in such a way that, it can be easily locked with the help of finger and thumb Pressing and no tools shall be required to close the seal in the laboratory or at site.

After inserting the seal wire through female pare, the cap of the male part shall be fitted in the female part in such a way that it should not leave any space to avoid insertion of any sharp tools for opening of seal body of the female part in hot or cold condition. The seal shall have also the following features.
  1. Tamper resistance and reliable.
  2. Environmentally safe as it does not contain any lead.
  3. Withstand long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
  4. Tools not required for Installation.
  5. Transparent and see through body reveals
  6. Heat resistance.
  7. Chemical resistance



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