Manufacturing Process

The temper proof seals are generally made up of Polycarbonate plastic materials (Engineering plastic) and having stainless steel twisted wire (two stained) molded itself in the temper proof seal male and female part.

To manufacture the temper proof seal first of all we have to pre heat the Polycarbonate plastic materials at 110 degree C in drier for three to four hours before using. And mean time Stainless steel wire is tested first in dimension and acid test and then it is twisted in twisting machine up to desired twist and then it is cut by cutter to required length.

First we put pre heated Polycarbonate plastic materials granule in Vertical type molding machine and then mould of seal is been closed by hydraulic pressure of machine and then wire is insertin mould and then material is been injected in mould through moulds machine and hence temper proof seal is got ready.

The emboss type numbering arrangement on male and side of female part of the temper proof seal is itself in the mould and the constructive numbering is obtain in all The temper proof seals by automatic arrangement of numerator counter inserted in mould itself.

Then these temper proof seals are tested by pullout test, Acidic test and then we shall supply as per client requirements and i.e. arranging in serially, tide with the steel wire forming a loop and the same shall be packed in polythene bag with labels furnishing sr. nos. of seal, packed in corrugated box.

Novelness of Products

1. These seals are made up of plastics (Polycarbonate) which have a melting point of 270 degrees centigrade and have transparent property so tempering can be easily detect.

2. These seal are having a toolless Anchor type double locking arrangement with molded Stainless Steel wire in male & female part of seal so that male and female part of seal can't be separated after locking. The toolless Anchor type double locking mechanism makes it easy and fast to fit.

3. These seal have emboss type seven digit unique numbering of male and side of female part and have arrangement of providing company logo on both side of female part.

4. These seals are having properties to withstand in all whether conditions. It can withstand upto 145 degrees centigrade of temperature without deformation and deterioration.

5. These seals are withstood in the acid test to stop the tempering of the seals.

6. No extra sealng wire is required for the seal, increasing the operational efficiency.

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