Quality - At Patel Bros.

We see quality as a second nature. We have earned a ISO 9000 and our operations run according to the designed system. The top management is actively involved in the implementation and upkeep of the system designed, to provide the benefits of ISO 9000 that reflect in our products and are transferred to our clients.

People – Train and educate every employee for quality actions and consciousness.

Products – Products should be as per the customer requirement, and should go through a 100% checking before dispatch.

Processes – we have designed Systems and processes that are fool proof. Processes that make the difference in our style of working and there are almost no instances of surprises and fire fighting.

Because of the above focus, we are sure that the quality of our products reflect the practices employed by us within the premises.

Stage Wise – Starting from Raw Material Purchase, clubbing all the processes, there is a quality check point at every stage in production. This minimizes loss, at earlier stages.

Final Inspection – The products go through a thorough inspection before they are dispatched. Te specifications are each checked for through visual, Destructive and non-destructive testing.

We look for the causes of rejection rather than the aspect of rejection. Being an ISO 9000 Company, causes of rejection are collected and a statistical note of the same is made. We systemize the control of high frequency causes and eliminate the causes itself. Thus most of the causes are eliminated, leading to the best production cycles and the system is self – regulated rather than person dependent.

Quality - Policy

We at “PATEL BROTHERS” are committed to Meet customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.

We shall try to maintain our position as one of the leaders in Temper Proof Plastic Security Seals manufacturers.

This we shall achieve through the Continual Improvement in Quality Products, Process & System with involvement of all employees & up grading of their skills.

Date: 01.05.05 Managing Partner.