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Tracking Software

Intech has developed a user friendly software to maintain the control of seals inventory and location. The software permits the following facilities :

  • Purchase
  • Storage
  • Issue / Transfer
  • Application with location
  • Tracking of Seal Flow

The whole package has Number wise follow-up enabling the applicant to know exactly where a particular seal is applied.

The software offers the following advantages :

  • Stock Maintenance on the basis of batches
  • Purchase need identification in time
  • Location of Batches on the basis of department
  • Authority identification for Issue / Receipt of Batches.
  • Application of Seals at Locations. Exact location can be identified.
  • Tampering can be tracked down on the basis of the application records.

The software is provided to our customers and they have been delighted using the software as it has enabled to maintain their records seamlessly.

When you start SEAL TRACKING & RECORDING SOFTWARE, you will get flash screen as shown below:

[Fig. 1 Flash Screen]

If your sign do not match, software will ask User Name and Password. The Screen as shown below :

[Fig. 2 Login Screen]

software will shown Dashboard Screen. The Screen as shown below :

[Fig. 3 Dashboard Screen]

[Fig. 4 Dashboard - Summary]

[Fig. 5 User Management]

[Fig. 6 Create a New User]

[Fig. 7 User Management]

[Fig. 8 Company Management]

[Fig. 9 Create a New Company]

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